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3D printing an Aston Martin

For many the dream of owning an Aston Martin remains just that, the current Aston Martin Vanquish will set you back in excess of £250,000 ($380,000, €280,000), and if you’re after a vintage DB4 well you’re talking millions. For this Auckland man 3D printing is helping him build an Aston Martin DB4 from scratch in his own garage.Ivan Sentch has made kitcars before, most notably his Ferrari 250 GTO but the fact that he now has two children and that car only has two seats meant he needed a new project, one with more seats, he chose the four-seater DB4 for his next project.After buying a 3D model off Turbosquid he set about finding a way to make a plug for the mould of the eventual fibreglass body. A local CNC shop quoted him $12,000 NZD (£6,300, €7200, $9,600)to $15,000 NZD (£7,900, €90000, $12,000) to cut a big piece of foam, out of his price range. After some investigation and estimation he believed he could bring his plug cost down to £2,250 NZD (£1,200, €1,350, $1,800) by buying a Solidoodle 2 and 3D printing it piece by piece.A massive undertaking seeing as the build envelope for a Solidoodle 2 is 150 x 150 x 150mm, each piece is fitted together like a jigsaw and the in the seven months since Ivan started printing he has printed 72% of the body so far. He prints in his spare time and sets the machine off before he goes to bed and before he goes to work, hoping his piece has finished when he awakes and returns.

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31 Jul
3DPrinter.net @3DPrinter_net
RT @prsnlz: #3Dprinting a working @AstonMartin DB4 replica with a @Solidoodle3D? Impossible you say… http://t.co/ia7r38OIiX
31 Jul
personalize @prsnlz
#3Dprinting a working @AstonMartin DB4 replica with a @Solidoodle3D? Impossible you say… http://t.co/ia7r38OIiX