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3D Printing Can Save Time, Money And Hassle

Much of the talk surrounding the so-called revolution of 3D printing is centered around the DIY (or Do It Yourself) aspect, people sharing designs (or creating designs themselves) and then creating them in the comfort of their own home. The DIYers of old may have either taken great pride in using everyday household items and more which they fashioned with their hands or simply chose to do so to earn some extra cash.With some 3D printers priced upwards of $2,000, some may assume the days of printing everything one needs from their den are too far off. A team from Michigan Technological University, however, believes families can already begin saving money once they make the initial large purchase and start printing things they need at home.Additionally, associate professor Joshua Pearce and the rest of the researchers say the number of designs freely available on the web, as well as the quality of finished products, are continuing to improve, saying the time to buy a 3D printer may be sooner than you think.The team chose 20 items which they believe a normal household may need to buy in the stores or online at some point. Many of the items, such as a garlic press or acoustic guitar pick up, may only need to be purchased once. Other items, such as a dock for the iPhones 4 and 5, may need to be replaced when these phones are replaced with newer models.

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