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3D Printing: How It Works and Why It Could Be Fashion’s Next Big Thing

 3D Printing: How It Works and Why It Could Be Fashions Next Big Thing

By now, you’ve probably heard at least a little about a new phenomenon called 3D printing, and the potentially large role in could play in the fashion industry and its manufacturing processes. That said, you might feel—as we did—that you still don’t really understand exactly what it is.Here’s how it works: In it’s most basic form, 3D printing takes a digital blueprint of an object—say, a bracelet—and turns it into a real-life object by “printing” it in materials as varied as plastic and metal.Amazing right? Well, some people in the fashion world have raised questions about whether being able to print whatever we want is necessarily a good thing—especially when it comes to an industry like fashion that values craft, luxury, and uniqueness.According to Carine Carmy, the marketing director at Shapeways, one of the first 3D printing companies, the ability to create pieces using this new technology is hands-down a good thing, because it will enable people to be creative and entrepreneurial without the usual bars to entry—namely, a whole lot of money and connections.“If you’re giving a tool to people they didn’t otherwise have, you’ll enable a person who would never otherwise have [an] opportunity to really express their creativity,” Carmy told us.”That’s the future of the fashion entrepreneur and the small business—you don’t have to invest a lot up front, and you don’t have to have connections with [designers] in the fashion district. It’s very similar to how fashion bloggers have blown up.”

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31 Jul
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3D Printing: How It Works and Why It Could Be Fashion’s Next Big Thing http://t.co/8BmgBSiweV via @stylecaster
30 Jul
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#3DPrinting: the New Couture? Why it Could Be Fashion’s Next Big Thing via @stylecaster http://t.co/7suIGfjXYf