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A Responsive Web Design Process — Websites Done Right.

Despite the huge amount of knowledge being shared on the subject of responsive design, I get the feeling that the workflow is still very mysterious. I’ve been thinking about a right process for quite a long time and finally came up with what I think is a good look at the practical side of designing websites in 2013.Planning your content is the first and foremost solution to any design project. It is clearly the most underrated part of the job, and it’s not because you are a designer that you shouldn’t be doing it. It’s where the best of the teamwork happens and where the creativity of everyone, from UX designer to back-end developer can be put to the test. Our best websites have been those of which the content was thoroughly planned. So here is our basic approach as a 3-man team on content strategy:These are only the very basic components of a content strategy. You can add a lot of steps to this process depending on your project scope. From user personas to content maintenance guidelines, there is a lot to learn on Content Strategy. Fortunately, there is a ton of good reads on the subject but I suggest you start with Erin Kissane’s great book.

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19 Aug
The Color Company @TheColorCompany
RT @awwwards: A Responsive Web Design Process: http://t.co/mg0kLPvKaY Does it looks like your process?