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A Small Duino


The title might sound a little strange at first go but believe me it’s worth reading or at least giving it a try. Majority of the people, mainly the hobbyist or electronic freaks, tend to use ARDUINO as their main developing environment for most of their project. The reason behind this is it’s actually low-cost, it save times as you can prototype you project faster and more importantly it’s easy to learn keeping in mind the fact the support which is available behind it. However there are situations every now and then, where you need an extra arduino or maybe the main arduino requires a small number of pins. Then Bare-Duino is the solution for your problem.The board features a ATtiny 45 or 85 on board along with an ISP programmer for easy programing with LED as well as battery connections. ISP programmer was included as previously people at MIT tech labs, develop a low cost ATTiny45 based arduino, which can be used for low pin requirements project, however it has to be programmed using an ARDUINO IDE. The pins are all broken out in the same way as the DIP packaged ATtiny, so you can easily plug it into a breadboard.

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08 Oct
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