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Arduino controlled Pneumatic Flight Simulator

Here we have an object of desire for many gamers that enjoy simulation. This pneumatic flight simulator is call the ‘LifeBeam’ and is the creation of a student called Dominick Lee. He created it whilst challenging himself using his hardware and software skills.It’s construction is made from plastic tubing that can readily be found at a hardware store. The centre section has a moving frame where a seat is mounted. This frame rotates forward and backwards, whist its outer frame rotates left and right. This gives the user 2 axis’ of movement and the feeling of pitch and roll.The joystick controls are processed using a custom program and sent to an Arduino which controls the pneumatic controls that provide pitch and roll movement.This is an awesome project that I could imagine being extended to racing simulators and I think it would make the perfect addition to every man-cave!If you also would like to have a go a making one, I recommend you visit their full guide on instructables -http://www.instructables.com/id/Arduino-Pneumatic-Flight-Simulator/

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17 Oct
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