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Building peace and security one LEGO brick at a time

Since its completion in 1952, the flat, rectangular, modernist masterpiece on the East River, that is, the United Nations Headquarters has been the site of much geopolitical intrigue as well as a backdrop for films like North by Northwest.It even makes an appearance in the video game, Grand Theft Auto IV.But now for the first time, you or I or anyone can build the UN one LEGO brick by LEGO brick. Why would LEGO want to recreate the UN? For that I turned to LEGO expert John Baichtal, author of the book, The Cult of Lego.For the record he owns around 20,000 LEGO bricks. And although the UN model boxed set says it's for 12 and up LEGO's emphasis says John is on the up."They create very large and sophisticated models for the benefit of these parents who grew up in the 1970's with LEGO of their own and they bought some for their kids realize they still like it," said Baichtal.The LEGO brick that you know was invented by a Danish carpenter and his son in the 1950s. The term LEGO is a abbreviation for the Danish phrase "lei godt" or "play well."Since the 1950's LEGO has taken a life outside the box you could say. There have been life-size LEGO houses, LEGO cars, there's even an unsanctioned LEGO Breaking Bad model set --- meth making materials not included.And several years ago, the little bricks caught the fancy of Adam Reed Tucker who spoke with me elbow deep in LEGO bricks in his studio.

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11 Oct
John Baichtal @johnbaichtal
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