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Create awesome USB keys with sugru and random objects!

USB keys are sooooo boring !!!! I want something awesome and very personal, it helps that it looks different to everyone else' keys and it makes it s... Removing the USB casing is kinda like opening a fortune cookie !!!! Use a scalpel blade to prise open the USB casing at one end You can then prise t... Before you start to sugru your USB it is best to mask off the connection end to ensure that it will fit into your computer when finished. Insert the ... To cover the USB circuit board you will need roughly half to two thirds of a mini pack with some sugru left over to finish customising. LESS IS MORE... When objects are smaller than the USB or a particular shape it is probably best to attach them to the USB rather than the other way around. Once your... You may want to add smaller details to your USB key, for example we embedded swarkowski crystals into one of ours. To do this just cover the USB with... Create a diverse range of sugru colours by mixing different amounts of the 5 colours together. This is our colour mixing chart, you can also download...

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08 Oct
sugru @projectsugru
USB sticks are just boring - make them awesome with a little #sugru and random objects! http://t.co/R4pYQW9zdp // http://t.co/20GrEaXhom