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Criminals use 3D-printed skimming devices on Sydney ATMs

A gang of suspected Romanian criminals is using 3D printers and computer-aided design (CAD) to manufacture “sophisticated” ATM skimming devices used to fleece Sydney residents. NSW Police recently arrested and charged a Romanian national with fraud after a money transfer officer contacted police over a suspicious transaction. Police said they established a dedicated taskforce to address the skimming issue in June after seeing an increase in alleged offences. The taskforce found one gang that had allegedly targeted 15 ATMs across metropolitan Sydney, affecting tens of thousands of people and nabbing around $100,000.Commander of the NSW Fraud and Cybercrime Squad, Detective Superintendent Col Dyson, told iTnews the alleged gang focused on two types of ATM design, with one particularly “sophisticated” skimming device entirely self contained and accompanied by a tiny video camera.Dyson declined to provide detail on how the devices were being manufactured, but said NSW Police were aware the gang was using 3D printers and CAD technology. “These devices are actually manufactured for specific models of ATMs so they fit better and can’t be detected as easily,” he said. “Parts of the devices are internally fitted, either by the offenders moving part of the slot and replacing it with their own, and pushing circuitry into the machines. [Another model] is so small it’s entirely self-contained and entirely pushed in, with some force, into the card slot.”

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16 Aug
3DPrinter.net @3DPrinter_net
RT @WishforRBE: Criminals use 3D-printed skimming devices on Sydney ATMs http://t.co/uBU8tB8GGc BAN ALL THE BANKSTERS!! #MoneyAsDebt #3Dpr…
16 Aug
3D Nuts @3DNuts
Criminals use 3D-printed skimming devices on Sydney ATMs http://t.co/7hgZq7xlVY BAN ALL THE PRINTERS!! #3Dprinting
16 Aug
Massimo Banzi @mbanzi
Criminals use 3D-printed skimming devices on ATMs (vediamo quanti sec ci mette correre.it a fare l'articolo panico) http://t.co/ADafdEdDCa