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Cubify launches 3D printed shoes you can print overnight

News: designer Janne Kyttanen has created a range of 3D-printed shoes for women that can be made at home overnight to be worn the next day.Kyttanen, creative director at printing giant 3D Systems, has created four different styles of wedge shoes that can be made using 3D Systems' CubeX printer.Consumers can download the free digital files for the shoes, select the size they require and print them in a colour of their choice.The project is intended to attract new audiences to 3D printing, which has tended to be dominated by products aimed at men."I don't know what it is with women and shoes, but I like it," said Kyttanen, in a press release straight out of Mad Men. "I would like it even better if my girlfriend could wear a different pair every single day. Today this is a reality. Women can print this first collection of shoes overnight and wake up every morning to a new pair."Each shoe takes upwards of six or seven hours to print, meaning a pair could be produced overnight, assuming two shoes could be printed simultaneously on one printer.The digital files contain data for sizes 35 to 40 and customers can choose between the Macedonia style, which is riddled with holes, the Facet style, Leaf style and plain vanilla Classic style. Further size and customisation options will be added in future.

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05 Aug
B3dge @Build3dprinter
Cubify launches free-to-download shoes you can "print overnight" - Dezeen http://t.co/Z5Lw97XZJk
04 Aug
FabLab Bruneck @FabLab_Bruneck
Cubify launches free-to-download shoes you can "print overnight" http://t.co/6GJd9Dh4eY
03 Aug
Ping Fu @pfugeomagic
.@pfugeomagic recommends the overnight 3d printed shoes, you can now order them at http://t.co/qstHzkkgHR http://t.co/WaXBHXklAm
02 Aug
3d-magic @3dmagic
Cubify has launched a range of women's shoes that can be 3D printed overnight at home to be worn the next day.... http://t.co/yZjOBjtSTh
02 Aug
Info3Dprinter @Info3Dprinter
Cubify launches free-to-download shoes you can "print overnight" http://t.co/r4oQu3GpHn
02 Aug
3DPrinter.net @3DPrinter_net
RT @3dplastics: Cubify launches free-to-download shoes you can "print overnight" - Dezeen http://t.co/yvBfFiSnpq. #3dprinting
02 Aug
Tuan TRANPHAM @ttranpham
DeZeen: Free Downloadable #3Dprinting Shoes? via Cubify | tuan@luxion.com | http://t.co/bbhz46D2Pl http://t.co/ewy8DBpHSw