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Discarded Electronic Scraps Assemble Into A Functional 3D Printer

West African inventor Kodjo Afate Gnikou has created a DIY 3D-printer by scouring junk yards for the discarded parts of old scanners, computers, and printers. The design is the first of its kind and is priced at around $100 which in comparison to what is currently on offer is as cheap as it gets. 3D printers are currently retailing at hundreds of thousands of dollars.Gnikou is a member of hackerspace WoeLab in the capital city of Lomé in Togo. Founded by architect and researcher Koffi Sénamé A., WoeLab acts as a resource center, an incubator for early stage start-ups and also as a networking hub to bring together the young tech enthusiasts in West Africa.Gnikou’s device not only provides a second life for wasted goods, but also shows people that Africa can be at the forefront of tech innovation. He explains,My dream is to give young people hope and to show that Africa, too, has its place on the global market when it comes to technology.Gnikou’s sustainable 3D printer design is part of this year’s NASA International Space Apps Challenge in Paris.

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15 Oct
3DPrintingBuzz @3DPrintingBuzz
West African inventor creates a functional 3D printer out of discarded electronic scraps http://t.co/uXIqhaNAFb via @psfk
15 Oct
J. Grenzfurthner @johannes_mono
West African inventor creates 3D printer from e-waste: http://t.co/xWZG2qLKFp (@juliaxgulia)
14 Oct
B3dge @Build3dprinter
Discarded Electronic Scraps Assemble Into A Functional 3D Printer [VIDEO]: West Africa innovates w... http://t.co/t1dk5Wb2xm #3dprinting