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DIY Prosthetic Hand & Forearm (Voice Controlled)

Do you live with only one hand, or ever feel two just isn't enough? Well now you can make another! This project combines two very cool things: an ardu... Parts: Arduino Uno EasyVR Shield 5 x Servo Motors (either a HK15298 or an MG995 variant - anything with these size specs will work) 14 x 2.5mm (or 3mm... This project uses a previously designed robotic hand that is part of an open-source robotics project called InMoov. For my purposes I only used the ha... The build process of InMoov is already documented HERE and HERE. I won't go into too much detail, just a brief overview. If you are confused feel free... First I'd like to talk about the two servo options, the HK15298 is an awesome servo (almost double the torque) but has a restricted range of motion an... I recommend breadboarding your circuit (although it's incredibly simple) before you solder wires together. Basically the entire circuit consists of ho... Now it is time to grab the fishing line from your wrist piece and pull it down through to the servo bracket. Make sure to pull each pair of strings fo... If any of this is confusing refer to the assembly instructions for InMoov that I linked to in the 'Building the Hand' step. Next we will be gluing tog...

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16 Aug
instructables @instructables
DIY Prosthetic Hand & Forearm (Voice Controlled) http://t.co/TUSP2nBRgZ