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Electric Imp Breakout Hookup Guide

The electric imp card

The electric imp is a deviously awesome development platform. Disguised as an every day SD card, the imp is actually a unique combination of microprocessor and WiFi module. The imp makes connecting any device to the Internet a breeze. Looking to catch on with this “Internet of Things” fad? The imp is an excellent place to start. The electric imp card. (Note: We didn’t misplace the copywriter, electric imp is their brand convention.)In this tutorial, we’ll be explaining how to use the imp with one of our Breakout Boards. This simple PCB assembly houses the bare minimum you might need to get an imp up-and-running. First, we’ll cover how to hook up the hardware end of the imp/Breakout combo. Following that we’ll head over into the firmware domain, programming the imp to blink LEDs and read analog and digital inputs. The last code example shows off the coolest part of the imp: controlling hardware over the Internet!Of course, you’ll need an imp and a Breakout Board. Aside from those two parts, we’ll use a few common electronics parts you may already have. Here’s a wishlist of everything we’ll be using. If you’d like to use some parts you may already have around the house

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17 Oct
SparkFun Electronics @sparkfun
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