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Electric Imp Garage Door Opener

The Electric Imp is a fantastic device that enables WiFi control of anything and everything. With a small amount of effort, you can control anything you want with your smartphone, web browser or other Internet enabled device. This ‘ible shows you how to connect the Electric Imp to your garage door opener and how to control your garage door from your iPhone. Even though I’ve used an iPhone for this ‘ible, you could use any smartphone, tablet or other computing device with an Internet connection. As a bonus feature, you can cache the HTML App on your iPhone so that it appears and runs just like a real App Store app, without needing to jump through app distribution hoops or Apple Developer program registration. The smartphone has become an indispensible attachment - most people will never leave home without it, and most people I know can no longer conduct a conversation without checking their phones repeatedly. Tighter integration would require surgery but that is some way out in the future. The net result is that you always have a garage door opener on your person. Opening and closing the door is one thing but you also need to know the status of the door. In order to communicate the garage door status, I used a free SMS service. Every time the door sensor is triggered, a text is sent to a predefined group of phones. This is a nice feature because I know remotely when another family member (or hacker) is opening the garage. To complete this project, we will assemble electronics, write firmware, and develop an HTML App for controlling the garage door. This project interfaces to your existing electric garage door opener via the pushbutton switch that you normally use to open the garage door. If you have a manual garage door, you are out of luck on the automation side, but will still learn a bit about the Imp, and about creating an HTML App for your phone. After completion of the project, you will be able to use either the pushbutton switch or your smartphone to open the

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