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element14: Internet Controlled Whoopee Cushion, in Raspberry Pi Blog

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So, the idea is pretty simple.We run a server program on the raspberry pi.This program will respond to commands that we send it.In this case, we only need one command: fart.Then we hide the raspberry pi next to a family member, friend, coworker, etc. and tell the raspberry pi to fart.Hilarious every time.1) Download the attached code.There should be two files FartMachineServer.cpp and FartMachineClient.cpp.5) Compile the client.This should be done on the machine that you want to issue the fart command. (Remember to install boost on this machine, if it is not already installed):The IP address will typically be something like 192.168.XXX.XXX.(Mine is IP address will work if you are on the same local network.If you are outside of the local network, you will need to set up port forwarding.1) The code is expecting the name of the audio file to be fart-01.wav and reside in the same directory as FartMachineServer.exe.If this is not the case, they you will have to change the source code to point it to the correct location and recompile (step 4).2) Verify that the sound works on your raspberry pi.The following article gives a very detailed explanation of how to do that:

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10 Oct
element 14 @element14
An Internet Controlled Whoopee Cushion http://t.co/OlHHiVBpxc #RaspberryPi