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Raspberry Pi Halloween Effects Door

scary door2.JPG

Halloween is packed with the DIY spirit. People’s desire to be scared or scare others is primal. It’s the “fight or flight” response, the deep psychological need to survive. Halloween give many the chance to feel the fear, since back in our minds we know there is no real danger. Perhaps it is just the excitement that drives us to walk through that haunted house. Either way, it’s fun for both the builder and the viewer. I am a big Halloween fan, visited countless haunted houses (multiple times), trick-or-treated at inappropriate ages (to see decorations), helped build some themed attractions, and of course dressed up. I think a lot of the passion comes from my brother building a haunted house back in the 80s. What would be considered a “backyard haunted house” today. My brother’s haunted house wasburned a few days after it was built, but the one time I saw it made a lasting impression.The world looked a whole lot different when you were a kid living in the ‘80s, more so when the fall sets in and Halloween was just around the corner. This meant that the haunted house attractions were being set-up to fleece a modest price from neighborhood kids. Sure, back then there were haunted attractions at most giant amusement parks, such as Six Flags, but for us, that was a few hour drive and being 12 at the time we didn’t have a driver’s license, much less a vehicle. Still, in our eyes, the local haunted attractions looked great on the outside even though most of them were setup in a shopping center parking lot on the same lines as a carnival at local parks. After paying anywhere from $2 to $7, we would walk a maze of corridors that featured plastic and rubber body parts drenched in red food coloring, trap-doors that would spring open to reveal a shouting employee

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10 Oct
element 14 @element14
Watch out for monsters this #Halloween! One community member made this special door powered by #RaspberryPi: http://t.co/22QAgkMbia