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element14: Serveball develops throwable camera systems for a unique look on life, in Industrial Automation Blog


Photographers know how difficult it can be to get those perfect shots. More so if there trying to capture images during extreme conditions such as fires, foreign insurgent uprisings or ejecting out of a fighter plane traveling at over 400 knots (ok maybe not so much that last one, but it could happen). Some photographers go to great lengths to capture images that they’ve been known to construct intricate railing systems or housing their expensive gear in protective casings to not only capture those shots but to limit the damage equipment can incur doing so. While some photographers and videographers have used some rather crazy ideas to garner a one of a kind shot, none (or just a few?) has thought to actually throw the camera in the air to grab an image or video clip. That’s just plain insane, well actually that used to be the thought until now as Serveball has developed a camera system that is actually designed to be thrown. Sure it may not be the first (the military has small robotic camera systems that can get in some pretty tight spaces), but it’s loaded with features that would make any camera enthusiast take a second look.

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08 Aug
element 14 @element14
Serveball develops throwable camera systems for a unique look on life #TechNews http://t.co/nmf5bbcNdB