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Finally! 3D print your candy stash

Sweets, candies, bob-bon, snoep, dolce, dulce, gula-gula, mithai - whatever you call them, sweets are wonderful things that have hardly changed in hundreds of years.However, with the masses of digital design tools around, creativity for making the moulds for these delicious delights has just been unleashed to another level using virtual clay-modeling from Geomagic Freeform.The traditional process is over 70 years old, credited to Hans Riegel, the founder of the German candy company Haribo, and the Mogul automation machine. First the design is carved into a shape (a die) and glued to a wooden frame alongside other carved designs.These shapes are pressed into a tray of starch to make molds into which the candy material can be poured or injected before congealing or hardening. The starch pulls away easily, and the candies are either ready to go or can be coated with sugar or glazed.In its basic form, this process can easily be carried out in your own kitchen. The Mogul machine automates this process by lining the starch sheets on a conveyor belt and pressing the stamps into the starch 20 – 30 times a minute, before they are filled with candy.Dutch sweet die manufacturers Deltaform has long searched for a more automated process over its 65 year history, and now feels it has found the future of sweet die design.

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05 Aug
TheColorCompany_3D @ColorCo3DPrint
Calling all sweet tooths! #3DPrint your sweets! http://t.co/AtoSuGsIYt @develop3D
03 Aug
DEVELOP3D Magazine @develop3d
Designing sweets and candies just got a whole lot easier thanks to @Geomagic Freeform - tasty stuff! #design http://t.co/h20nB04NNJ
02 Aug
Geomagic @Geomagic
From @develop3d: Sweet treats made with Geomagic Freeform. http://t.co/oavWzeP4nE #3d #candy