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How to build another useless machine: easy to make, and hard to use!

So many useless machines are built, why building another one? Simply, it is really fun :), fun to build and fun to play with. I tried to give this ve... Everything is connected to an Arduino board, the board waits till the switch is set to logic HIGH , that is, when you flick the switch, the board sign... You will need: Mandatory: 1. A box2. Any Arduino board with PWM outputs (I happen to have an old one laying around, the Diecimila) 3. Two standard... You can use any box you find suitable. I built mine, maybe not perfect, but still much personal :) 1. I used 2 sheets of 5mm BALSA wood, very easy to... Above is the schematic (drawn using Fritzing), showing: Top part: The arduino main board ,2 servos and switch connectivity. Note that as mentioned pr... Here is the hand and door servos installed: You need first to install the servos in their correct places, this needs a bit of trial and error until y... Make all the connections seen in the schematic step, and try to put all inside the box similar to what's shown above: Above is how I put the DC motor gear box (taken from a cheap RC car), also showing the batter and switch placement. Make sure to place the gear as ce...

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14 Oct
instructables @instructables
How to build another useless machine: easy to make, and hard to use! http://t.co/iKJymD9S4c