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How to grow your Hardware Startup


Lately, many entrepreneurs are switching their attention from the traditional software and web market towards the very promising hardware market.A growing access and a growing ecosystem of startups and bigger companies are, in fact, starting to reach that tipping point in which you have products and services growing on several of layers and eventually composing a rich, diverse and bubbling landscape.There’s a growing differentiation: some companies are focusing on building low level modules (a lot of people, considering that there are hundreds of versions around) that are targeted to different markets such as makers and designers (like Arduino and the likes) or even professional integrators and product companies (such as the openpicus Flyport).Other companies are creating modular building frameworks, finished products (both really simple ones or very complex ones giving you a whole lot of possibilities).All this companies have a serious problem at the start: it’s about overcoming the initial phase where prototyping means investing money (hardware typically costs more than software to build) both in materials and knowledge.An interesting, recent, post by Paul Graham put this in a very clear manner:“Hardware startups face an obstacle that software startups don’t. The minimum order for a factory production run is usually several hundred thousand dollars. Which can put you in a catch-22: without a product you can’t generate the growth you need to raise the money to manufacture your product. “

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30 Jul
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