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How to Make an Awesome Claymation

The first step to making a claymation is to write a script.While your clay figures are unlikely to be very talkative, that doesn't mean you're not telling a story.Plan out what you want to happen in your short story, and find some appropriate music.It doesn't have to be long or complex, in fact if it's your first attempt it's best to start simple to get some practice so you won't be overwhelemed. A note on the music: Music can have a huge impact on the mood of your animation. If you want to create a sad or eerie mood, try using music with a lingering piano or a lone violin. Upbeat and cheery music would be appropriate if you wanted to create a blissful mood. Be aware of the mood your claymation is displaying so you can match music with it. You can't be showing a sad scene with benny hill playing, it just doesn't work.

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09 Oct
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