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How To Make Carbonated Ice Cream, Halloween Style! (Dry Ice Cream)

Carbonated ice cream?...Really!And here's how to make it with a few simple ingredients, and a bit of dry-ice. For more project videos, check out ... WARNING: Dry Ice is extremely cold! (-78C/-109F) and can cause instant frost-bite to exposed skin.This project should not be attempted wi... You may remember in a previous project how we used a Carbon Dioxide (CO2) fire extinguisher to produce dry ice.For this project, I tried dischargi... This simple vanilla ice cream recipe is easy, and delicious! 2 cups Half & Half 1 tsp Vanilla Extract 1/2 Cup Powdered Sugar Note:Half & Half is a... Mix all ingredients together, and add some cold.(In this case, dry ice!) The dry ice cools the liquid mixture to the point where it takes on the fa... The ice cream should be ready when it looks and feels like .. well, ice cream! When you are convinced there are no more chunks of dry ice in the mix,... When my kids got a taste of the tingly treat, they couldn't get enough. Well now you know how to make a delicious carbonated ice cream in a way that'...

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17 Oct
instructables @instructables
How To Make Carbonated Ice Cream, "Halloween Style"! (Dry Ice Cream) http://t.co/TQnlD7jNWJ