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Make a kite-flying machine

Many people try to fly microkites in the breeze from a desk fan. Almost every single one fails, due to the extremely turbulent nature of the breeze f... The machine started with the motor. It's a microwave motor from Ebay, which is geared down to 4rpm, and has a vertical spindle. I also used a mains-r... The spindle of the motor needs to be roughly central in the lid of the box, for balance. I cut a hole to shape, starting by drawing round the motor, ... I fitted the switch in the end of the box in much the same way as the motor, but using a smaller drill-bit, and I used a sharp knife to square off the... I fitted a quarter-inch nut in the bottom of the box, wedging it tightly in a drilled hole, then adding a bead of hot-glue. "Quarter inch" is a stand... The microwave motor runs off (UK) mains power, so I need to get the power to the motor. I used a cheap extension cable, because it was cheaper than b... So far, we have a motor in a box. To add the arm that will do the work, I cut a block of scrap timber.I drilled a vertical hole to push-fit and hot...

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