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'Maker Movement' enabling more women to launch tech businesses?


Arguably the popularity of e-commerce and social brands such as Etsy and Pinterest have incited a new do-it-yourself (DIY) movement. But it also appears that businesses like these are giving way to a new trend in the tech startup community, now referred to in some circles as "the Maker Movement."Co-sponsored by software giant Autodesk and DIY online hub Instructables, Wednesday night's TechShop Girl Geek Dinner was set to up demonstrate how the Maker Movement is propelling women in tech to learn new skills, and perhaps eventually, to launch new businesses.Brit Morin, CEO of the DIY and e-commerce site Brit + Co., posited during the keynote session that the Maker Movement has taken on a number of different meanings and participants.On the one side, she pointed toward 3D printing and laser cutting specialists. On the other, she highlighted the aforementioned crowd of Etsy lovers, crafting enthusiasts, and even the local food movement."Makers are all types of people," said Morin. "We are all creative. Technology is enabling creativity more than ever."Morin, who has been dubbed time and again in the tech press as the "Martha Stewart of Silicon Valley," noted that she got her start at TechShop in San Francisco's SOMA district. Now 18 months old, Brit + Co. has 18 employees and has gone through Series A venture capital funding.

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27 Aug
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