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Man has Amazon package stolen, goes nuclear for justice

Tim Lake happens to have a video surveillance system at his house. So when he saw a woman allegedly steal an Amazon package, he created a campaign to shame her.She hadn't come to borrow sugar nor to discuss some errant dog droppings. No, his video surveillance system showed her picking up an Amazon box and walking away with a hurried gait.He set up an e-mail address in the hope that someone would offer him an anonymous tip as to who this woman might be.He also created posters that laid bare the full extent of his pain. He even walked the streets with the posters, interviewing passersby.Should you have any doubt, his pain was vast. For inside that Amazon box were some Keurig K-Cups and an ice tray. The woman still hasn't been located. Despite the witty nature of his telling, Lake has filed a real police report. Could she have been in desperate need of ice cubes for a birthday party? Could she be a serial Amazon door stepper?

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08 Aug
timhornyak @robotopia
Man has Amazon package stolen, goes nuclear for justice http://t.co/eJ8oTZ0232 via @CNET