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Microsoft updates IE11, & the dev tools are amazing

Microsoft updates IE11, & the dev tools are amazing

Today, Microsoft has released a new developer preview for IE11 on Windows 7, and it’s got a few new tools that web developers will find very interesting, particularly around monitoring performance and memory usage.“There’s a lot of work that we’ve done around things like performance and standards support,” IE marketing director Roger Capriotti told VentureBeat in an interview this week“From a performance perspective, we have the fastest JS engine. … The Chakra JS engine is around 15 percent faster than IE10 and 50 percent faster than Chrome.”He also said IE11 for Windows 7 is the first browser that natively decodes JPEGs on the graphics card — meaning serious performance benefits for image-heavy sites — and the first to implement W3C resource prioritization spec, to load stuff the developer wants to load first.Also, IE11 for Windows 7 meets a new set of standards met around WebGL, Flexbox, CSS border image support, and HTML5 drag-and-drop.As Adarsh Nair, another IE marketing guy, said in the same chat, “It’s critical that sites have a super fast UI, and it’s even more critical for touch devices.”So the new F12 tools show you where exactly are the page elements that are not performant, where the frame rate dips. You can see how memory is being used in real time; you can grab screenshot of the page during memory analysis to see where memory is varying. “You can quickly identify memory leaks,” said Nair.

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26 Jul
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1st time for everything! RT @themelab: Hmm..Microsoft's new @IE update sounds pretty cool. Never thought I'd say that http://t.co/geWSnh9lOT