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ModMyPi: how one student turned over £867,000 selling Raspberry Pi cases (Wired UK)

Last year, Jacob Marsh was 23 years old and in the final year of his Civil Engineering Masters degree at Exeter University. He hadn't previously shown any entrepreneurial zeal and was set on a relatively safe and straightforward career building bridges.But on 29 February 2012, the Raspberry Pi Computer went on sale and Marsh's life was changed forever. His company, ModMyPi, turned over £867,000 in the year leading up to March 2013 and he's on course to hit £1.3 million this financial year."I wasn't a business person when I started," he tells Wired.co.uk. "I'd probably call myself a business person now."Now 24, Marsh's story demonstrates the transformative power of technologies like the Raspberry Pi and the crucial need to support small businesses and young entrepreneurs, and not just in Silicon Roundabout."I was one of the people who was up at 5am in the morning, frantically bashing F5 on the keyboard trying to get my hands on [a Raspberry Pi]," he recalls. The demand that morning crashed the sites selling the Raspberry Pi."You don't you crash two of the biggest electronic manufacturers in the world's websites if there aren't a lot of people trying to get their hands on [your product]," says Marsh, with obvious admiration (ModMyPi donates 5 percent of profits to the Raspberry Pi Foundation).

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24 Aug
Hacker News 20 @newsyc20
ModMyPi: how one student turned over 867,000 selling Raspberry Pi cases http://t.co/7lSxNvJo0z (http://t.co/a6pLy5X10g)
23 Aug
Smári McCarthy @smarimc
Was just talking to @tonzylstra about how 3D printing and open hardware is winning, then I see this: http://t.co/6qpbsdhCXo - amazing stuff!
23 Aug
element 14 @element14
RT @WiredUK: ModMyPi: how one student turned over £867,000 selling Raspberry Pi cases http://t.co/OdCV94juzN by @kadhimshubber