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Motobrain: High Tech Automotive Power Distribution Unit


A high tech automotive power distribution unit and fuse block that you program and can control from your smartphone or tablet.The Motobrain PDU (power distribution unit) is a next generation, high tech, fuse block and power distribution unit for use with 12V systems. The system will control a wide range of electrical accessories on your car, truck, jeep, motorcycle, boat, or whatever you can think of. The device is solid state and Bluetooth 4 enabled, so you can control the entire system from your Bluetooth 4 equipped phone or tablet. We currently support iOS devices and will support Android 4.3 devices before delivery. Solid state construction means you can digitally set your current limits without the need for physical fuses or breakers. Circuits can be controlled with our proprietary input interface which allows you to logically connect PDU outputs to existing vehicle circuits or hardware switches so the phone is NOT required for daily use.The device can be used to control many different auxiliary electric devices in automotive-type environments. You can use the PDU to control auxiliary driving lights, electric cooling fans, electronics (GPS, stereos, radar detectors, etc), heated clothing, among many other things. Essentially, if the item runs on a 12V system you can hook it up to the PDU and have control from your phone.The PDU is small in size (3.5x2.5x1.5" encapsulated) and can be installed in tight locations which may be exposed to harsh conditions (it is waterproof but care should be taken to protect it from high temps). With its ability to sense a vehicle's current state I think it would make a pretty good candidate to replace the entire electrical system in a classic vehicle as well.

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16 Sep
Dave Jones @eevblog
I inspired this guy to learn electronics, & he now has a kickstarter: http://t.co/7SGgtJK7Zs That's cool.