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Building my primitive camping truck

So for this build I was pretty picky about the vehicle I was going to use for the build. After all it was going to have to get me around town daily yet be rugged enough and capable enough to drive me to remote destinations. Here is the general list of criteria I followed when I looked for my truck: -within my price range (college student remember?) -small/compact size -manual trans (incase the battery died I can pop the clutch and start it) -carbed (easier for me to work on in the field) -6ft bed (wanted adequate hauling space) -4wd -capable/reliable -decent gas mileage Quite frankly the criteria I had set proved harder to meet than I had generally thought. Finding a reliable carbed truck in my price range was next to impossible. I finally settled on a 1984 Toyota Pickup. 4cylinder and manual.

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17 Sep
instructables @instructables
Building my primitive camping truck http://t.co/At0DMVXj5A