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Now you can buy a 3D printed titanium watch for $600

Now you can buy a 3D printed titanium watch for $600 3D printing provides designers with the ability to make some pretty neat things. rvnDSGN, a boutique watch brand established in 2011, has designed and created timepieces that are the first of their kind, completely built using the latest in additive manufacturing technology.The 3D printing process allows Zach Raven, award winning industrial designer to design parts that could not otherwise be made by conventional manufacturing processes. The additive manufacturing process begins with a bed of fine titanium powder, a laser then fuses the powder layer by layer until the final form is revealed. the sintering process leaves a subtle texture to the surface of the case telling the story of its manufacture. this texture can vary from a medium to dark gray, with a fine to medium texture; each piece is unique.rvnDSGN has also partnered with Worn & Wound to supply straps. The 20mm straps come in two colors; the slightly pebbled graphite nubuck is complemented with matte silver hardware, the gold nubuck uses contrasting black hardware, and the smooth brick nubuck also uses matte silver hardware. A modern take on a classic style.The 3D printed titanium watches are powered by the swiss made ETA 980.106 7 jewel movement. jewels are self-lubricating bearings that increase the life of the movement by improving accuracy and decreasing friction in critical areas of the movement. In addition all of the timepieces are fitted with a sapphire crystal lens.

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15 Aug
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