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Pi Powered Presentation Screen

One of the first developments as Head Teacher at my new school, Ivy Chimneys Primary School is to introduce a large LED screen in the foyer area to display information about the school and to share children's work.After a summer of exploring lots of digital signage solutions, many of which were very pricey and were either far too complex for what I needed to achieve, or didn't quite fit the bill.* the screen needs to reflect the life of the school, displaying key messages and to share children's work.I'm a true believer in 'pupil voice' and the very reason schools exist is to provide opportunities for children to learn new skills. One of the best ways to achieve this is to involve them in the process of learning at every opportunity. I am also intent on building a community of learners who are thinkers and who are able to reflect on their successes and be self-critical on finding improvements too. When children feel success, they should have a place for celebrating and feeling proud of their achievements. This screen is just one of those places.It occurred to me that the Raspberry Pi costing just £25 coupled with a large 32" LED screen would be one of the cheapest options available. Of course the Raspberry Pi alone isn't the solution, because it is just the computer and operating system. The Raspberry Pi has several HUGE advantages:

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19 Sep
chris connors @connors934
RT @element14: Coolest teacher of the week award goes to: http://t.co/l7q6v1lUJO #RaspberryPi
19 Sep
element 14 @element14
Coolest teacher of the week award goes to: http://t.co/l7q6v1lUJO #RaspberryPi