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PicoBrew Zymatic: the Automatic Beer Brewing Appliance


Do you love great craft-brew?Ever wanted to make your own great beer at home?Or perhaps you have home-brewed before, but you're painfully aware of the time and effort involved:6-8 hours of tedious brewing, then messy cleanup and potentially bad batches and batch-to batch variability...Why can't we brew beer at home as easily as we can make a loaf of bread with a bread-maker, or a shot of espresso with an automatic espresso machine?Making quality beer this easily:that was the dream 3 years ago, and we're proud to announce that after thousands of man hours of R&D, we've made that dream a reality in the form of the PicoBrew Zymatic(tm).I'm Bill Mitchell, CEO and Co-Founder of PicoBrew LLC.My brother Jim and I are avid home-brewers.We started PicoBrew LLC in early 2010 out of frustration with the state of the art:home beer brewing takes entirely too much time, is too imprecise, and frankly, when you account for all of the clean-up, is not all that fun.We wanted to make the creation of high-quality beer brewing simple, amp up the art, and tone down the tedium.After 18+ years as an executive at Microsoft leading pioneering efforts in PDAs, smartphones, automotive and wearable computing I know a thing or two about creating computing appliances.Jim has spent much of the last two decades building innovative food processing plants in CA, following in the footsteps of our grandfather, Dr. William Mitchell, inventor of Pop Rocks, Tang and other fun foods.

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18 Oct
Bug Labs @buglabs
For fun Friday we highlight a 99% automatic home brewing machine: http://t.co/kOdpDXUbGO Machines that make socializing easier are great!
30 Sep
Jason von Nieda @vonnieda
I just backed PicoBrew Zymatic: the Automatic Beer Brewing Appliance on @Kickstarter http://t.co/Lw8OjOvDZS
30 Sep
Travis Pearl @TravisPearl
Espresso machine for beer! PicoBrew Zymatic: the Automatic Beer Brewing Appliance by PicoBrew LLC http://t.co/doq08idvAL via @kickstarter