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PSoC 4 Times Square LED Billboard, in Cypress PSoC Kits Forums

001 - Schematic Design.png

Before we begin today’s post, I want to thank you for your support over the last few months. This has been a great series showcasing the PSoC 4 Pioneer board. There have been a wide range of projects from LED blinky (#001), to an Android controlled robot (#049), to a Rice Cooker (#097). WhiIe you have been reading my posts each day, the big credit goes to the nearly 40+ Cypress engineers that put in the time to write and create each of these examples. It has been an exciting series. In the next few days I’ll be making some additional posts for complete downloads of the series and complete lists of web links for each project. The big question is, are we stopping this series? The answer is No. We will continue to post more and more examples to this forum, though it will be at a reduced rate. My hope is that we can continue to post one example each week. I have a couple of great projects that we’ll post next week. Stay tuned to this forum for more info and examples. Now that the platitudes are over, let’s get to that 100th project in 100 days.Today’s post is an exciting one. We all know the classic ‘Hello World’ example for embedded microcontroller kits, this is the popular ‘LED Blinky’.

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25 Sep
CypressSemiconductor @CypressSemi
We've finally made it to Project #100! - Check out the PSoC 4 Times Square LED Billboard http://t.co/zoOQYvQINM @element14