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Retro DIY Mini Mac Fits in the Palm of Your Hand

The first Mac, Apple's iconic beige box from that memorable 1984 TV commercial, was a wonder of technology not only because it was the first GUI computer for consumers, but also because it presaged future all-in-one computers. Early users like me loved that little box. So how could I not love the idea of a mini, functional Macintosh remake?Ultimate Mac nerd and co-host of the RetroMacCast podcast, John Leake, built a 1/3-scale Macintosh 512k (or 128k) replica out of white PVC, a Raspberry Pi credit-card sized computer (motherboard), a tiny 3.5-inch LCD monitor and a lot of elbow grease.According to a recent podcast, Leake spent roughly 12 hours building the working computer. He got some 3-millimeter-thick PVC from the sign shop where he works and then bent and carved it into just the right shape. He said he also spent a lot of time getting the bezels right. While Leake said he’ll consider using a 3D printer for future case builds, this one was done primarily with an X-Acto knife. The results are still pretty stunning; unless you placed Mini Mac next to a full-sized Mac, you'd assume you were looking at the real thing.The tiny computer features an HDMI out port for connecting to a much larger, higher-resolution screen (the current one is just 512 x 384), as well as USB and Ethernet ports. It boots off an SD card and runs Mini vMac, an open-source Macintosh OS emulator that allows the Mac software to run on a variety of operating systems, including Linux, the preferred OS of Raspberry Pi.

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28 Aug
John Boxall @tronixstuff
Retro DIY Mini Mac Fits in the Palm of Your Hand http://t.co/orbz8HSaj9 via @mashable
28 Aug
Workshopshed @Workshopshed
RT @XeekWild: This is fantastic: #Retro #DIY Mini #Mac Fits in the Palm of Your Hand http://t.co/dVwKG6UWwK | RT @mashable | CC @Broadcom |…
27 Aug
Lance Ulanoff @LanceUlanoff
Amazing DIY Mini Mac Will Blow Your Mind http://t.co/GlOFmht0fz