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Save the Windows Laptop by Designing Tablets


Is ‘Windows’ Microsoft’s biggest problem when it comes to being relevant in a world of computing that’s mobile, fun, social and always-on.The laptop, for example, is still viewed by most people as a place where you work. No social, no gaming and a 5-minute wait until the laptop finishes updating and then tells you that you really should go and find the power adaptor. Heavy, noisy, hot, boring, boring, BORING. ‘Windows’ is largely responsible for this having focused on ‘work’ for much of its lifetime.Adding a new touch layer to ‘Windows’ doesn’t instantly make Windows an exciting operating system, despite the work that Microsoft has put into every layer of that ecosystem. By designing tablets that turn into laptops, however, there’s a better opportunity. Roll with the punch, Microsoft.Windows 8 has over 100 million installs now which makes it interesting for developers looking at the Windows 8 Store but you can guarantee that only a fraction of those 100 million Windows 8 owners aren’t interested in clicking, not touching, through to it again after they’ve seen poor implementations of Twitter clients and no official Instagram or Facebook client.Working that mousepad to get the best out of Windows 8’s modern UI isn’t exactly fun either. The hurdles, including the commonly pre-conceived idea that Windows is not cool, are too great. Offering a lower-cost entry point doesn’t appear to help either. Windows RT has failed so far although there’s an app-issue to be taken into account here before Windows RT can be called a failure.

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10 Aug
Steve 'Chippy' Paine @chippy
RT @ultrabooknews: Save the Windows Laptop by Designing Tablets http://t.co/w6DHt7PzyW