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SenseFly and Drone Adventures Toss UAVs Off the Summit of Matterhorn

Earlier this year, senseFly took to the Alps to demonstrate how their eBee drones could be deployed from the middle of a ski slope (or just about anywhere else) to autonomously create high resolution 2D and 3D maps while you sit around sipping hot chocolate. I guess maybe they figured that it looked just a little bit too easy, because senseFly has teamed up with Drone Adventures to autonomously map the entire Matterhorn mountain on the border between Switzerland and Italy (an area of 28 square kilometers) using a handful of eBees in less than a day. The first step in making a map of a 4,500 meter tall Swiss mountain is hoisting a drone up to the top of it and flinging it off, and Drone Adventures (being pros at the whole "Adventures" thing) took care of that with no problem. Meanwhile, five more drones took care of mapping the lower parts of the mountain: SenseFly is demonstrating a few cool things here. For one, as you can see at about 2:25 in the vid, the drones are doing their own 3D flight planning. To get them to create a map of an area, you can just outline it on Google Maps, and the flight planning software will take into account whatever mountains, valleys, or unusually tall people might be in the way.

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14 Oct
IEEE Spectrum @IEEESpectrum
SenseFly and Drone Adventures Toss UAVs Off the Summit of Matterhorn: A swarm of senseFly eBee drones creates ... http://t.co/pTf9XtmfKq