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Stand-alone earbud player puts the bite on music

Split is controlled by gentle 'bite clicks'

Want to listen to music in public but not be obvious about it? Until someone figures out how to make music play in your head, the next best thing might be Split. Developed by Greenwing Audio in Miami Beach. Florida, Split is a music player set in a pair of wireless, synchronized earbuds that are controlled by biting. Still under development, its the focus of a Kickstarter campaign running until October 31 to bring the player to market.An mp3 player has a lot going for it. It’s portable, it’s convenient, and you can move your entire music collection in a way that once took a crew of moving men and a van. But the biggest drawback is the headphone cords. They tangle, they break, they get caught in things, and are a nightmare when scarves come into the picture. And then there’s the player itself, which always needs a pocket.Two years under development, Split is aimesd at eliminating the problems of cords and players by eliminating cords and players themselves. At first, it seems like something a bit silly: A pair of earbuds with little oblongs sticking out of them, but inside a one-inch stainless steel casing is a tiny, 100-micron thick circuit board with a NOR Flash memory chip with a capacity from 64MB to 256MB, an ARM Cortex M3 32-bit processor, and a 3-axis accelerometer folded in on itself three times, a button cell battery, a earbud speaker with a 6-mm Neodymium Dynamic Driver.

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07 Oct
ARMEmbedded @ARMEmbedded
.@Split stand-alone earbuds feature an #ARM #Cortex-M3 32-bit processor: http://t.co/FiOZPevNNQ via @gizmag
04 Oct
ARM Community @ARMCommunity
RT @Atmel: Stand-alone earbud player puts the bite on music: http://t.co/7adoQmNhSN #Atmel #MakerMovement #ARM @Gizmag