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Strange Brew: Using Science to Make the Perfect Cup of Coffee

The team at Alpha Dominche is trying to design the perfect cup of coffee while getting high on its own supply.Unsurprisingly, Khristian Bombeck, the founder of Alpha Dominche, was wired on caffeine when he had the idea that he hopes can revolutionize the coffee world. “I was highly caffeinated on siphon-brewed coffee, doing dishes after dinner, and wondering how I could give my coffee house customers a fine, craft-brewed coffee experience,” Bomback told Fast Company. At that moment, Bombeck dreamed up the concept for the Steampunk, a computerized brewing system that could be the next big coffee innovation.True to its name, the Steampunk looks like a futuristic device dreamed up by a Victorian. Released in 2012, the brewer consists of glass tubes and a brushed metal base that wouldn't look out of place in a 19th-century laboratory. When the Steampunk brews a cup of coffee, you’re treated to a minute-long show of bubbles, suction, pumping, and a satisfying mechanical whir.Eye-catching as its exterior is, the technology inside the Steampunk is even more impressive. All the brewing conditions are controlled by a quad-core 1.35Ghz processor, and the machine is operated with a Google Nexus 7 tablet. It’s a coffee machine for the digital age. And it's not cheap: the Steampunk 4.0 costs about $16,000, while the smaller 2.0 version is just under $12,000. A less expensive home version may be available in “years to come," but in the meantime, you’ll just have to hope that your local coffee shop gets one.

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20 Sep
Jonathan Foote @rrmutt
I have a curious sympathy for those suffering from Ridiculous Overengineering Syndrome http://t.co/9IYL3nCdDo
20 Sep
Robert Davidson @wa7iut