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Study Finds 3D Printing Could Save The Average Home Up To $2,000 A Year


While I don’t have to remind you about the value of studies – many company-funded studies are best dropped directly in the trash after publication – this one about 3D printing does have some merit. Produced by the authors at Michigan Institute of Technology, it posits that at a home 3D printer can provide a return on investment of 200 to 40 percent and can save the average home up to $2,000 in avoided purchase costs.The results show that even making the extremely conservative assumption that the household would only use the printer to make the selected twenty products a yearthe avoided purchase cost savings would range from about $300 to $2000/yearNow obviously this is at once conservative and a bit of wishful thinking. While I, personally, have built a few hundred dollars worth of parts for various customers using MakeXYZ, I’ve yet to print more than a few dozen dollars worth of hardware for around the home including a new knob for our drier (upward estimate of $20), some hose clamps ($5), and a chess set for my son ($5). I don’t believe my Makerbot has paid for itself – yet – but there’s still next year.The real ramifications of 3D printing, however, have little to do with cost savings. The authors note in their conclusion:

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01 Aug
B3dge @Build3dprinter
RT @jmsunico: sn-news: #3dprint #trends Study Finds 3D Printing Could Save The Average Home Up To $2,000 A Year http://t.co/eOQGmLu5w6
31 Jul
3DKitbash @3DKitbash
Study finds 3D printing could save the average home up to $2,000 a year http://t.co/h9s0tJTVKp
31 Jul
Maker Faire NC @makerfaireNC
Hmmm... Just guessing that our fans will have a few interesting comments about this.... http://t.co/HLa8hqbwxs
31 Jul
Dave Minella @DaveMinella
3D Printing Could Save The Average Home Up To $2,000 A Year: http://t.co/EEFKyeZybm