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Super Simple Arduino Powered Roomba Scheduler

What you'll need:Important:- A Roomba controllable by Infrared. Mine is a 530. I think most models below the 530 use similar IR codes so you might be in luck. Do a little research, there are a lot of great forums out there.Components:- 1 x 940nM Infrared LED- 1 x LED (whatever colour you like, I picked red, this is to just signal if the device is on or not) - 2 x 330 Ohm resistors (One for each LED) - 1 x Arduino Uno (or similar, I initially usedArduino duemilanove, but the Uno works with the same script and set up perfectly)- 4 lengths of wire(I used 2 wires with pins for my breadboard cut in half)The power supply and Timer - A power supply ( I used a spare USB cable type A/B - the one that plugs into the Arduino, connected to a AC/USB adaptor) - A 24 hr timer switch (Cheap one from IKEA)- This is used to do all the scheduling, just set the timer to power up the arduinowhich then sends the "Clean" command to the Roomba.Other stuff:- A project box to keep everything neat. - A computer with the Arduino IDE (I'm using Arduino IDE 1.05) - The Arduino IR library from https://github.com/shirriff/Arduino-IRremote (installation instructions on the site) - Soldering Iron to join everything together first (use a breadboard to test everything works first!)

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03 Aug
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Super Simple Arduino Powered Roomba Scheduler http://t.co/REu99gMtip