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I've looked in the sky for the blue box, but I haven't seen it yet. And I am not as a good at waiting as Amy Pond... So, I made one myself! The follo... You will need the following: Seven 36" Dowels, ¼ thick 15-20 yards of extra kite string: For each section you lash together, you need about a yard. Y... You should draw out your kite so you know what you are doing before you cut anything. I had to cut all of my dowels, ending up with four 36" pieces, ... First we are going to get the cross-sections made. These are just lashed together using some of your kite string.Use a ruler to find the middle of ... Now you are just going to lash the cross-sections to the other four sticks. Starting with the top, lash each end to the end of a 36" dowel. Be sure t... Cut off the top and side seams of a plastic bag. Place it on the floor or a large workspace and measure it up to your kite. Cut it so it fits just ins... Lay down a drop-cloth or another plastic bag in an open space. Start spraying with the blue. You want to start far away and lightly go back and forth....

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