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Tiny tiny house

This is the first tiny house we have built, so it was enough of a challenge to build that the documenting side was let slide to a fair extent. Regardl... As we used an old trailer frame to build this on, we started by demolishing the trailer, separating out the aluminum to be recycled. The plywood floor... As we live near an old steam powered sawmill, we decided to use rough milled redwood 1x6's for the floor, so we ran them through the planner and then... We decided to frame the walls with rough cut 2x2s, which made it a little more challenging than it would have been to use consistently sized lumber fr... As this structure is designed for use around the San Francisco Bay area where snow load is nonexistent, we used 1x3 rafters for the roof and 1x2 frami... We had a big stack of 1/8 inch ply ready for use so we decided to skin the structure with it for shear strength (to prevent twisting and increase rigi... For the exterior siding we used rough milled cedar and fir boards of an average thickness of 1/4 inch. They ranged in width from 5 inches to 10 inches...

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