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Truth For Humanity Revealed At Comedy Hack Day

Truth For Humanity

The MIT Media Lab played host to this weekend’s hackathon, which brought together 14 teams of comedians and developers in a contest to crown the most hilarious app, site, or musical toilet. The five-person team that called itself Truth For Humanity won the grand prize by building an automatic insanity generator, then insanely demonstrating its capabilities live on stage by revealing the “truth” about dolphins, Lisa Frank, and germs.For those unfamiliar, Comedy Hack Day is a two-day competition pairing comedic tech people and techy comedy people. Individuals pitch ideas Saturday morning—which serves as a stand-up show in itself—then are left to their own devices to form groups and hack for the next 24 hours. Demos are presented live Sunday afternoon in front of a panel of judges, which this time included David Weinberger, Lauren Leto, and Josh Gondelman. Somewhere along the way, beer is consumed.This is the third Comedy Hack Day in the history of planet Earth, and we can unequivocally say these damn things just keep getting better. Here’s a look at what was made, with prize winners up top because this ain’t no everybody-gets-a-trophy league. Winners get all the trophies!Grand Prize Winner: Truth For Humanity Human Components: Benjamin Apple, Matt Klinman, Sarah Laplante, Taylor Levy, and Che-Wei Wang Check It Out: truthforhumanity.com What The Hell Is It?: Well, according to the site itself, death comes without Truth For Humanity and life cannot be sustained without it. But the ignorant masses would consider Truth For Humanity a website that takes any word or phrase you feed it and randomly generates a page of insane ramblings and authentic bomb-building-hermit-in-the-woods style web design. This is one better experienced than described, so just go try it.

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07 Oct
SparkFun Electronics @sparkfun
A while back, we sponsored the Comedy Hack Day…check out this recap - it's awesome! http://t.co/vJ2uWzsF2x
23 Sep
MIT Media Lab @medialab
Couldn't make it to this weekend's #ComedyHackDay at the Lab? Here's what you missed, courtesy of @CultivatedWit http://t.co/wHCYauhpaZ