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Unorthodox Home-made CNC Machine

PVC CNC Machine

[ModHappy] recently accepted a challenge to design and build a CNC machine out of cheap and readily available components from a hardware store.Wandering around the store he noticed the plumbing isle and he started playing around with PVC pipes on the floor, greatly confusing the store employees. He had a frame constructed, but still needed a way to achieve linear movement. His calls were answered in the electrical isle, where he made use of conduit wall-mounts! They only required a minor modification to go from gripping the pipe, to sliding along it. A few fasteners later, some stepper motors from a broken scanner, a CD-ROM drive for the z-axis, some hacked together couplers using set screws, and the mechanical build was complete.On the controls end, he made use of a cheap Chinese TB6560 CNC driver board off eBay, which he modified slightly to increase reliability. The whole thing runs off LinuxCNC (which is free) on his old laptop — good to note, it can also be run live if you aren’t yet enlightened with a Linux OS.If you’re looking for a DIY CNC machine that is a bit more robust, here’s a bolt together version that uses metal tubing instead of PVC pipe.

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