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Zcapture: Atmel + Arduino = Open Source 360 photography

The Arduino-based Zcapture – which recently surfaced on KickStarter – is designed to provide a low-cost, high-quality product that can be modified, hacked or customized to fit individual needs.According to Zcapture creator Jared Bouck, the device is positively “disruptive” to an emerging industry of 360 driven content creation – illustrating a better way of doing things while providing information in a user-centric medium.“The humble beginnings of Zcapture came from my own personal interest in experimentation about 8 years ago with Basic Stamp programming. Roughly 4 years ago I discovered the Arduino NG and fell in love with the [Atmel-powered] Arduino platform from the point of view that anyone could learn it and use it. Immediately I set to work to build and refine the Zcapture system based on this robust platform,” Bouck explained in a Kickstarter post.“[Remember], I have been deeply involved in web development for 15 years and a great majority of that time has been focused on eCommerce development and design. In that time I have always found that the lack of meaningful product information is a killer when presenting a product in a meaningful way to have them purchase.”So how does Zcapture work? Well, the system comprises three tightly integrated components – hardware, software and HTML.

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28 Aug
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